Using the Employers Reasonable Care Pack™
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Step 1

Distribute our Employer's Policy Statement. Our plain-English policy statement is supplied on paper and CD-ROM. Simply add your organization's name. Distribute to employees as your policy once each year and give to new employees at time of hiring.

Follow our Manager's Do's & Don'ts Guide. Seven do's and seven don'ts every manager and supervisor needs to know. Hand this guide to the manager at each location.

Post our Sexual Harassment Notice in every location. Our colorful 24 x 18 inch poster permanently reminds employees of sexual harassment laws and company policy.


Comes with an unconditional money back guarantee!

Full Location Pack, only $49.95


Step 2

Hand each employee our Sexual Conduct in the Workplace workbook.

Our 22 page workbook is a unique, personal workbook that is non-discriminatory and suitable for all employees. It explains the federal law, company policy and gives clear guidelines for acceptable conduct at work. File the tear-out response form in your personnel files to help prove that you take reasonable care.

Takes just fifteen minutes to complete!

Single Workbooks $5.95
Pack of 10 Workbooks (Save $10) $49.95
Pack of 50 Workbooks (Save $99) $199.95



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