Custom 2017 area code map - the CodeTracker
All current U.S. area codes on a single sheet.


What is a CodeTracker?
On the front
is a map of the U.S. showing area codes and time zones for states and major cities. It also shows expanded detail maps for large metropolitan regions.

On the back is a table of all area codes and over 400 cities, showing new area codes, area code splits and overlays as well as state and time zones.

How can I use my Custom CodeTrackers?
Since we started offering Custom CodeTrackers, we've been surprised at the many uses our customers have had for them. Large call centers give them out to their phone staff; other companies give them out to their customers. A CodeTracker is a really useful gift that doesn't get thrown away or put into a drawer, it gets used, constantly reminding the user of the company that gave it as a gift. CodeTracker has also been used as a prospecting tool and as trade-show giveaways too.

How much do they cost?
$200 for set-up and $1.95 per map. Repeat orders with no changes are $100 for set-up and $1.95 per map. We ship by U.S. Mail for $19, unless you specify Fed Ex, which we charge at cost. Prepayment is required for Custom CodeTracker orders with check or Credit Card. If you have ordered regularly from us before we can accept your official purchase order.

How do I send it to you?
We can take; Word, Quark, EPS, or TIFF files. The file should be ready to use without any corrections needed. Please email the file to:, attention: Melinda.

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Where on the map is the custom part?
It's on the bottom left of the CodeTracker. The size of the custom part is 2.75" by 2". We can print this area with your message and or logo. The area is white, we can print in black ink. As the rest of the CodeTracker is so colorful, the black print on white background stands out very well.

How long will it take to have my Custom CodeTracker made for me?
It will take from two to six weeks, depending on the next print cycle. We're sorry the time window is so wide, but it can be difficult to predict when the next print run will be. Rest assured we'll get you your CodeTracker as quickly as possible.

What if I want regular CodeTrackers with no customization?
We carry these in stock and normally ship to you within four days of receiving your order. Click here to order.

Do you offer other Customized Products?
Yes, the World Telecom Map is similar to CodeTracker, but offers country codes around the world. Ask for an info sheet or, visit here to find out more.

The CodeTracker area code finder is an 8 1/2 x 11 laminated quick reference sheet.



CodeTracker™ area code finder: front detail



CodeTracker™ area code finder: back


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